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Do it Yourself or Hire SEO Company


I have been asked multiple times by clients, if they can learn, optimize and promote their site themselves.

My belief is that if proper time and hard work is applied, anybody can learn any skill. Same is the case with SEO. Yes, there will always be people who are much better than the rest due to their extra hard work, innovative techniques, flair and other variables. But, as far as learning any skill (Search Engine Optimization included), it should not be difficult for anybody.

The reason why clients ask me this question is because of human nature. Human mind is curious. My clients also are. They are intrigued and curious on how we can get their sites in top 10. And some clients are impatient and complain that their sites are nowhere in Google's top 10 in one month for their most important keyword.

So essentially more than from saving few dollars, what the client really wants to know is how and what are we doing for their sites. So I make it a point to tell them (in most cases Guide will be a more appropriate term) on what all steps we undertake for SEO and what are the benefits. I am specifically transparent about this. This also helps when some SEO competitor tries to brainwash a client by impressing with technical jargons, and various facets of SEO like whitehat / blackhat etc. Due to my guidance, my clients are most of the time so well informed that they don't demand explanations from me every time. Moreover, since my clients are up to date, it also forces me to update my knowledge constantly. Many times my clients give me new ideas, which can help their sites.

Another thing, I tell my clients, is that their time is better spent on other activities more directly related to his/her business. That is their time is worth more than just few dollars per hour. I believe that my clients can do probably much more $$ worth of work in an hour. It has to be understood that SEO is hard work and takes lot of hours to promote a website. Is the client willing to devote that many hours consistently without sacrificing his other duties? I think not.

And now another fact. Real Estate SEO companies usually have dedicated group of SEO, Link builders and content writers each proficient in their field. And it's their job to keep themselves abreast of latest updates and news in SEO world. It's only natural that they can do the job best then anybody else.

So the best option for people looking to promote their site on search engine is to hire a competent SEO company and give them time to work their magic!

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