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Twitter Search and how it can change SEO Landscape

Everybody who follows Twitter must be aware that Twitter has now its own search engine Now, the question is what effect it will have on the dynamics of search industry and how businesses can take advantage of this. Can SEO companies use this new feature for their purposes?

Twitter as we know is not indexed by Google. But, now that the Twitter has its own search engine therefore, any tweets by a company having its profile on twitter are searchable on Twitter and that too Real Time.

This opens a window of opportunity for businesses. All the latest tweets by a company about its business, products, services are instantly searchable and will come up in searches on twitter. Since most businesses now operate at breakneck speed, these instant results are a boon and soon creative brains across the industry will be coming up with interesting uses that will leverage twitter search.

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Google stays at the Top

Hitwise recently released February report. According to the report, Google share for all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending Feb.28, 2009 was a whopping 72.11%. The figures show that Google is well ahead of its nearest rivals. Yahoo! Search accounted for 17% of the searches, a decrease of -17% from the previous year. MSN search and share were 5.56% and 3.74 % respectively.

Another insight provided by the report was that the length of search queries has increased over the last one year. Search queries, averaging searches of five to less then 8 words in length have increased 9 % between Feb, 2008 and Feb, 2009. Searches of 8 or more words increased 20 percent over the same time period. It also reveals that shorter search queries, those averaging 1-4 words long, have decreased 2 %. Searches of 2 words comprised the bulk of searches with a share of 23.47 % of all queries.

The reports also showed that search engines are the primary way the internet users search for different products and services. Health and Medical industry received 46.52% of all category traffic from search engines. Similarly, Travel, Shopping & classifieds, News and Media were other industries which have a big share of internet traffic coming from search engines.

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