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Has J.C. Penny debacle opened a can of worms?

Few days back, J.C. Penny was penalized for allegedly using black hat tactics to acquire top ranks in Google for many keywords. It was found out that links were bought on thousands of websites. All links had keywords as anchor text and pointed back to thousands of J.C. Penny pages. Even cursory look will reveal that these were paid links. This is quite a common technique and is done by every SEO company (even if they do not admit it).

But this practice runs contrary to Google’s guidelines.

J.C. Penny paid price for this. Soon their rankings dropped significantly for many keywords.

Does your company also buy and sell links? Let us know so that we can let Google know … ;) Just kidding

Just share your views on this subject  with us

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Inbound Marketing – Every Business needs it!

In my last blog post, i discussed Outbound Marketing and it’s pros and cons. In this post we will delve on Inbound Marketing and its implications in today’s business environment.

As opposed to outbound marketing, inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by clients. Inbound marketing is about getting qualified leads into sales funnel. Nowadays clients and customers have greater control of what they want to hear and see. In this scenario, outbound marketing is often perceived as intrusive.

Therefore, inbound marketing is increasingly getting more attention from advertisers. Inbound has other benefits also. Since, customers are pulled in, the chances of relevant prospects walking through the door is more. This saves lot of time and effort on both sides. Other important factor is that inbound marketing relies on internet in a big way and it fits perfectly with the way people make buying decisions – using internet and associated media to gain more knowledge of products and services.    

Inbound marketing offers lot more than sales pitch about the products. It also offers its customers and prospects information & tools. Inbound marketing focuses on building relationships and this is perhaps the reason why customers are less wary about this channel.

Inbound marketing tools include blogging, content publishing, search engine optimization, social media and social networks. Inbound marketing also provides much better ROI with lower cost per sales lead than traditional outbound marketing channels.

Recent surveys have found out that even small establishments are adopting inbound marketing in a big way to bolster their revenues. This is a major finding. Internet has been long touted as a level playing field and this survey’s results are evidence to that.

If you are also a small business owners then your best bet is inbound marketing and more specifically SEO. SEO has consistently proved to be the winner by a long distance when it comes to increasing sales and establishing brand identity on internet.  At Enovabiz Solutions we always have been a big believer in the power of SEO. This has got very little to do with the fact that we are the #1 SEO company and everything to do with the fact that we have delivered superior results with our affordable SEO services every time!

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What is Outbound Marketing?

Marketing encompasses a range of activities. Some of them are inbound marketing and others are outbound marketing. 
In today’s post we will discuss what is outbound marketing. 

Outbound marketing is all about getting the word out to your market. This is one of the most often resorted to  type pf marketing by businesses. It involves
1) Advertising & promotions (TV commericals, print advertisments)
2) Sales
3) PR
4) Customer service
5) Email marketing

These activities focus on initiating conversation with the audience. Rather than the customers finding you as in inbound marketing, Outbound marketing is all about sending its message out to your audience.

Outbound marketing though very popular has its share of its problems. Due these problems, a large number of businesses are veerring towards inbound marketing.

Some of the disadvantages of Outbound marketing are:

1) Difficulty in tracking return on investment (ROI).
2) Increasing resistance to outbound marketing activities. (Spam filters, Do not call registry)
3) Higher cost per sales lead.

Inbound marketing eliminates all major cons of Outbound marketing. We will discuss inbound marketing and its advantages in our next post.


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Jules Verne on Google Doodle

On Feb 8, 2011, Google Doodle featured famous french born author Jules Verne. Many among us have read his books like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This bloke wrote path breaking sci-fi novels which inspire hollywood moguls even in 21st century. Some other popular works of his are A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873)



Search Engine War Gets Nasty

Strange thing! I just watched “Duplicity” on HBO and immediately, i got news about the second part of search engine spy games being played by Bing and Google.

“Duplicity” is a movie about corporate spying and what we are witnessing between Google and Bing is quite similar. Two corporate giants fighting it out. The survival and reputation of both depend on the success of their products. Both are bitter enemies out to crush each other by any means.

Recently, Google accused Bing of copying its search results and even conducted a sting operation to verify it. Bing on it’s part rebutted the accusation and said the whole affair as “spy novelesque”.

I don’t know who is right or wrong but the whole affair does suggest that big corporations are ready to do anything in this war. But what does it mean for a common user?

Lately, Google has been accused of showing spam and irrelevant results. Rather than improving their search result quality, they are more preoccupied with digging hole for  their rivals. All the while, we do not find any improvement in search results.

People are fed up with these corporations who are spending millions on spying but do not have their ears to ground!

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