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Bing Surges at Google’s expense

Hitwise’s March 2011 search market share report has showed us the signs of the things to come in very near future.

Bing has finally achieved 30% market share while Google has dropped to under 65%. Google is the market leader for now but on the face of multi-pronged attacks from rivals, government agencies, and search users, it is still to be seen how Google transforms it’s image from an internet tyrant to a benevolent giant.

Google’s share declined by 3% while Bing gained 5%.

Over the last couple of years, Google has managed to antagonise every group which was once aligned with it. Users are angry with the level of SPAM lurking in Google searches. SEO consultants are getting increasing vary about incessant & drastic yet ineffective updates. Search experts even have questioned Google’s intentions.

With such mounting troubles Google is faltering at every step while Bing is single-mindedly trying to provide the best research results.

Will SEO companies start recommending Bing more? With millions of sites at their disposal, it is not  too difficult for all SEO companies and webmasters to mount a campaign against Google and influence public opinion.

Can it really happen?

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Want to know about Google Instant?

Google Suggest is one the best known and most useful feature of Google search. Till now, i had very little idea on what goes behind its working. A very detailed article on explains it.

Here are few main points from the article

Suggestions are based on real searches: I have thought so.  Though popularity is taken in to account as shown the example.

Google Suggestions may vary by Region & Language: A user searching in India will get very different result from the one in US.

Search History is also shown: Previous searches made by you i.e. if you use web history feature.

Suggestion Rankings: Are determined by relevancy rather than popularity.

Deduplicating & Spell correction: are done and correct terms are suggested.

Freshness: “Freshness Layer” is at work here.  Spike in popularity of a term can also result in its inclusion.  But such terms are dropped when they are no longer fresh/relevant.

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