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Content Curation: The New Buzzword

Content curation is the in thing nowadays. It’s getting all the attention and even mainstream media is adopting it. What is it about content curation that is making people take notice? After all, simply speaking it’s just gathering and presenting content around a specific subject. So what’s the big deal?

The answer lies to this lies in Internet’s biggest strength and weakness – Vast Content. Internet is a treasure trove of all kind of information – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Everyday millions of new webpages are generated. Any topic or news results in truckloads of new information and sifting through all this information to find the best piece of information is very daunting.

Here is where content curation comes in to picture. Content curators sift through the data pertaining to a topic or news, sort, arrange and then publish them. This then gets picked up by the audience and spreads even more through social media.

A content curator tries to pick the best and most relevant information and share it with people. It’s not just compiling a list of links for a subject. Content curation goes much beyond that. A curator not only provides a meaningful platform for the best matter for a particular topic but also chimes in with his opinion and commentary.

Moreover, curator is generally an authority in his niche. A good curator will present diverging sets of views in his pieces. He won’t be bound or affiliated to a certain   group or brand and hence ideally will become a source of fair and comprehensive information.

Over the last few years, content has become even more relevant to search engines. The combination of social media and content curation is helping content reach even wider audience.

But there are some rules. Automated curation while easy and tempting is not the right way to go. And since, it’s all about sharing, credits and linking back is absolutely essential.

So if you think your niche needs some curating then go ahead, this is the right time!

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Countering Negative SEO? It’s Google’s Job!

After the recent spate of events there is a widespread talk about Negative SEO. The premise is if Google is penalizing websites for unnatural links like it did in the recent Penguin update then it means that anyone can create a link profile consisting of large number of unnatural links for his competitor in hope of Google noticing and then penalizing it. Sounds simple? Well, if Google is punishing sites for having unnatural or paid links then yes, it’s that SIMPLE!

The easier solution to counter negative SEO could have been Google not taking in to consideration unnatural or paid links (if Google thinks so) in its ranking algorithm. Sites indulging in black hat SEO or link buying would have simply got no advantage of creating unnatural link profile and Negative SEO practitioners would not be able to harm any site. But Google is obviously not going down that road.

But why? No one really knows the answer. But one is for sure. Google wants webmasters to do its job. Highly inefficient if you ask me. Google  has billions of dollars of hardware and human resources which can be harnessed in much better ways to provide much better results.

Some SEO experts are already playing to Google’s hands. Instead of calling out to Google for its decisions, they are suggesting ways which will make website owners’ job even more difficult.

This article suggests that website owners and webmaster be more proactive and list out bad links to their sites in a XML file.

Well, it may sound fine but misses out on one thing. Not everyone has expensive software to extract out all the links. There maybe some free tools but they may not give the complete list. So how do we find out all the bad links to our sites?

One can imagine from the article that Aaron Friedman on knees and groveling in front of a huge statue of Matt cuts.

Why don’t these SEO experts realize that it’s Google’s job to fix their algorithm. If they are fine enough with sending us cryptic standard mails then why the onus is on webmasters to do all the dirty work for Google.

Can’t Google with so much power at its disposal simple make out which sites are truly indulging in shady link building? Google is after all developing driverless cars. If they can create super complex algorithms for their cars then surely they can create better search algorithms.

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