Bitten by Google Panda? One important lesson to learn

Bitten by Google Panda? One important lesson to learn

Bitten by Google Panda? One important lesson to learn

A cursory browsing of SEO & webmasters related forums will reveal that many of them have suffered a lot from the spate of Google Panda updates. Many sites which has good rankings earlier and used to get huge traffic from Google suddenly got penalized severely. As a result, a huge chunk of their revenue just disappeared. This applied to small as well as large websites. These sites may or may recover fully but what this has put in to sharp focus is that one should not rely totally on one source of traffic.

To ensure that your website doesn’t suffer from drastic and potentially fatal drop in traffic, a comprehensive link building efforts straddled across all internet has to be evolved.

Using social media as well as traditional link building methods will mean that you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Using a diverse source of traffic also means that your website has a better link profile which is highly recommended by search engines. Additionally, not all your users come from one source. One section of users may come from Google, while others may be from Bing, Facebook or blogs. As internet evolves, you will also have to tweak your link building efforts to include the latest link sources.

In next few years, social networking sites may pip search engines as major source of traffic. Including them in your SEO efforts will benefit dramatically for those times.

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