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Is your SEO Company acting like News of the World?

By now everyone must have heard of News of the World’s (NOTW) hacking activities to get scoops for its hungry-for-bytes, voyeuristic readers. NOTW has been accused of hacking phones of everyone from murdered children to terror victims to royalty to celebrities to get news.

NOTW is quite famous and has a long history. It is one of the most celebrated tabloids in Britain but this one mistake from their over-eager reporters has tarnished their credibility for ever.

While, NOTW and its owners deserve every bit of condemnation and punishment, what we can’t loose sight of is public’s own insatiable appetite for sleazy news and sensationalism.

News and media outlets are filled to gills with inane news and tidbits of celebrities of every shape, size and character. Murderers, sex maniacs, philandering spouses, corrupt tycoons, are our new heroes.

Daily new celebrities are destroyed and newer ones created. There is a mad race to get the most weird and inconsequential news. Public is getting hungrier and media is feeding everything it can lay its hands on.

NOTW also succumbed to this pressure and went further. It treaded in to a zone which was not only legally untenable but also morally reprehensible.

Similarly, SEO industry is also many times accused of indulging in tactics which are deemed unacceptable in an Internet where rules are made by one entity called Google. SEO companies are always under pressure to deliver extraordinary results (which many times they themselves promise) with even more extraordinary deadlines. As a result, what we see is link selling and buying and other sleazy tactics on a huge scale to influence Google search results.

All this and much worse activities, often called black hat tactics, are carried out rampantly many times without the client’s knowledge. Clients just like NOTW’s readers smug and happy never bother to ever think on what methodologies were used.

Have you also hired a SEO company for your SEO campaign? Have you ever tried to know how they are going to achieve top rankings for you? If not, ask today because in case your SEO company is violating Google’s webmaster guidelines then it won’t be the SEO company that is going to be punished but your own WEBSITE!

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Getting to know your competition

A SEO consultant has to be aware about his competition at any point of time. Which of them are ranking well. Not only just that but also how much traffic they are cornering, the movement on Google search rankings and ongoing SEO activities by your competitors.

Sounds overwhelming?

For an idea on how to evaluate how to get rough figures of CTR of your competition check out

It has summed up easy to use techniques. Results will not be very accurate or revealing but can be an important tool to measure your competition. Though, many SEOs like me rely more on checking competitors across a range of keywords and then ranking competitors accordingly. Why? because accurate CTR stats are hard to get by and may fail to give a clear picture.

Do chime in with your opinions.

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Has J.C. Penny debacle opened a can of worms?

Few days back, J.C. Penny was penalized for allegedly using black hat tactics to acquire top ranks in Google for many keywords. It was found out that links were bought on thousands of websites. All links had keywords as anchor text and pointed back to thousands of J.C. Penny pages. Even cursory look will reveal that these were paid links. This is quite a common technique and is done by every SEO company (even if they do not admit it).

But this practice runs contrary to Google’s guidelines.

J.C. Penny paid price for this. Soon their rankings dropped significantly for many keywords.

Does your company also buy and sell links? Let us know so that we can let Google know … ;) Just kidding

Just share your views on this subject  with us

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Inbound Marketing – Every Business needs it!

In my last blog post, i discussed Outbound Marketing and it’s pros and cons. In this post we will delve on Inbound Marketing and its implications in today’s business environment.

As opposed to outbound marketing, inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by clients. Inbound marketing is about getting qualified leads into sales funnel. Nowadays clients and customers have greater control of what they want to hear and see. In this scenario, outbound marketing is often perceived as intrusive.

Therefore, inbound marketing is increasingly getting more attention from advertisers. Inbound has other benefits also. Since, customers are pulled in, the chances of relevant prospects walking through the door is more. This saves lot of time and effort on both sides. Other important factor is that inbound marketing relies on internet in a big way and it fits perfectly with the way people make buying decisions – using internet and associated media to gain more knowledge of products and services.    

Inbound marketing offers lot more than sales pitch about the products. It also offers its customers and prospects information & tools. Inbound marketing focuses on building relationships and this is perhaps the reason why customers are less wary about this channel.

Inbound marketing tools include blogging, content publishing, search engine optimization, social media and social networks. Inbound marketing also provides much better ROI with lower cost per sales lead than traditional outbound marketing channels.

Recent surveys have found out that even small establishments are adopting inbound marketing in a big way to bolster their revenues. This is a major finding. Internet has been long touted as a level playing field and this survey’s results are evidence to that.

If you are also a small business owners then your best bet is inbound marketing and more specifically SEO. SEO has consistently proved to be the winner by a long distance when it comes to increasing sales and establishing brand identity on internet.  At Enovabiz Solutions we always have been a big believer in the power of SEO. This has got very little to do with the fact that we are the #1 SEO company and everything to do with the fact that we have delivered superior results with our affordable SEO services every time!

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Bing gains share

Microsoft’s Bing search engine ate in to Google’s market share  during August, according to new data. A research note from JPMorgan cited data from industry tracker comScore to show that Bing’s search share had grown from 8.9 percent in July, to 9.3 percent in August in the United States.

Bing chipping away

Bing chipping away

The Bing search engine was launched by the Redmond behemoth  in June 2009.

Google’s share of the search market in the United States in August only declined by 0.01 percent – standing at about 64.6 percent – whereas the overall U.S. search market volume increased 15.5% from July. The U.S. search market volume increased 19.2 percent compared to August 2008.

Yahoo Inc. took second place behind Google, with a market share of 19.3 percent, almost unchanged from July.

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How to Detect Fake SEO Consultants

As a small or medium business owner, you may want to advertise and promote your website as economically as possible. In recent years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as one of the surest and cheapest way for long-term business promotion. A typical business owner is not expected to be knowledgeable about SEO and its benefits. Even if an owner knows SEO, he/she is not sure how to choose an ethical SEO who can get the job done at the best rates and within timeline. Choosing a SEO consultant or company for your website can be a tiring and overwhelming experience. Every SEO specialist will boast about adopting latest path breaking SEO techniques, testimonials from clients and gurantees of #1 placement on Google. But how you as a non expert select a genuine SEO consultant? Listed below, are few pointers on how to detect a fake SEO consultant.

1) #1 Google ranking for Website: If any company guarantees you that they can place your website on number one position on Google for your keywords then take my advice – RUN in the opposite direction. Its obvious this company is desperate to get business and is willing misleads you to get your hard earned cash. No company can make such claims. Google’s algorithms are one of the best kept secrets. What SEO companies can do is optimize and promote the website according to widely known principles, intelligent guess work, best practices and lot of hard work. At most a company can claim that they can acquire good ranking like top 10 on Google. But even then, verify their past track record to guess on how the fared with other clients.

2) Very Low Prices: Many companies charge ridiculously low amount of money for quite a lot of service. As an astute business person, you can intelligently deduce that any work that requires hours and hours of hard work, research and analysis by a team of experts cannot come cheap. Most of the times, specialists from various fields like programmers, content writers, SEO analyst, link builders etc. pool their resources to make a site successful on Google and obviously SEO services cannot come as cheap as many companies charge.

3) Secret and Proprietary Technique That Cannot be Revealed: I don’t think we should even elaborate on this. As the owner of the website, you should be aware of what’s happening to your site and what steps are been taken to optimize and promote it.

4) Recommending Black Hat Techniques: Lot of companies recommends shady tactics known as black hat practices to get your site up in search engines. Not only these practices have very short term benefits but they can be very counter productive because search engines eventually catch website following these shady practices. Many websites big and small have been heavily penalized for using these techniques. So play safe and avoid these SEO companies like plague.

5) Using Outdated Techniques: Once upon a time, techniques like reciprocal link exchange, keyword stuffing etc. were used to get good rankings. Google and other search engines have wisened up and rank a site for its worthiness and not just back links and keyword stuffing. Choose a company that will recommends steps to make your site useful & relevant and not take short cuts.

If you keep these tips in mind while choosing a SEO company for your website then it’s very much possible that you will finally select a SEO company that knows their job and can handle your website promotion very well.

Enovabiz Solutions is a professional Dallas Internet Marketing Firm offering SEO consultancy throughout USA. We provide exclusive Arizona SEO Services and online marketing. For exclusive Dallas SEO Services contact us now. Our SEO packages suit every budget and business. And we DELIVER !

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