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Content Curation: The New Buzzword

Content curation is the in thing nowadays. It’s getting all the attention and even mainstream media is adopting it. What is it about content curation that is making people take notice? After all, simply speaking it’s just gathering and presenting content around a specific subject. So what’s the big deal?

The answer lies to this lies in Internet’s biggest strength and weakness – Vast Content. Internet is a treasure trove of all kind of information – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Everyday millions of new webpages are generated. Any topic or news results in truckloads of new information and sifting through all this information to find the best piece of information is very daunting.

Here is where content curation comes in to picture. Content curators sift through the data pertaining to a topic or news, sort, arrange and then publish them. This then gets picked up by the audience and spreads even more through social media.

A content curator tries to pick the best and most relevant information and share it with people. It’s not just compiling a list of links for a subject. Content curation goes much beyond that. A curator not only provides a meaningful platform for the best matter for a particular topic but also chimes in with his opinion and commentary.

Moreover, curator is generally an authority in his niche. A good curator will present diverging sets of views in his pieces. He won’t be bound or affiliated to a certain   group or brand and hence ideally will become a source of fair and comprehensive information.

Over the last few years, content has become even more relevant to search engines. The combination of social media and content curation is helping content reach even wider audience.

But there are some rules. Automated curation while easy and tempting is not the right way to go. And since, it’s all about sharing, credits and linking back is absolutely essential.

So if you think your niche needs some curating then go ahead, this is the right time!

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Compete’s November Data Live: Online retail Traffic up by 12 Million

Compete’s November Data report is online and here are some of the highlights.

The spike associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday is ebbing down online. The positive news has been that year-on-year weekly traffic increased by approximately 12 million visits compared to same week in year 2010.

The W-O-W dip in 2011 has been more drastic which maybe due to traffic spike owing Black Friday, Cyber Monday before the holiday season officially kicks off.

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Is Your SEO Campaign Built Around Algorithm Chasing?

Chasing Google?

Chasing Google?

Almost every online business nowadays has a SEO campaign with various rates of success. The success of any SEO campaign is largely determined by the targeted traffic it is able to deliver to the website. Traffic is increased by researching for the most relevant and popular keywords. Once the keywords have been selected, a website is optimized and a link building campaign is initiated. Hopefully, if dome correctly and consistently, all these activities result in a website rankings for all or many of its selected keywords.

But over the last few years, SEO has evolved. It is no longer about delivering traffic to a website but also encompasses analytics.

Usually, a SEO company will do the needful and deliver the traffic. If and when a search engine updates its algorithm, the campaign is tweaked accordingly. This becomes a never ending cycle where the bulk of efforts are spent on chasing algorithms. Rather than building a website according to your initial goals, the focus of an algorithm chasing SEO consultant is now what a site should be as dictated by the latest algorithm update.

With every algorithm, SEO consultant will be frantically making changes to the site’s SEO campaign but by the time SEO consultant is done with them next update m ay be around the corner.

Also, algorithm chasing means overwhelming attention on just one search engine at the cost of other search engines. This means putting all your eggs in one basket which is not a wise decision when you business depends overwhelmingly on your online presence.

Chasing algorithm means creating a one size fits all solution which takes in to account various signals which can affect the SEO of a site. But as we know such solutions don’t work across industries and niche. Such an approach can be a perfect recipe for disaster if followed to a T.

Chasing analytics is a better technique than chasing algorithms because it forces you to concentrate on much better and tangible statistics which make more sense.

Analytics involves focusing on your audience and serving them with best way possible. This is how search engines actually want the sites to perform in the first place. This also saves SEO consultant from always figuring how to game search engines or how to get off the penalty imposed during last update.

But analytics is only successful if you have considerable traffic. Without any traffic even the best designed and most UX friendly site may fail.

To get the best of any SEO campaign, a SEO consult should marry analytics with their SEO campaigns if possible. A traffic may not necessarily be converted in to sales and it’s here the power of analytics can be unleashed. Analytics can unearth user behavior and trend which can help a site convert visitors in to customers.

This will mean a much more successful website which doesn’t need to be tweaked with every algorithm update.


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How To Add Your News Site To Yahoo News

How To Add Your News Site To Yahoo News

How To Add Your News Site To Yahoo News

If you have a news site, then you would like to maximize its reach as much as possible. Apart from usual SEO practices, submitting your site to Yahoo News is a good way to get more visibility and free traffic.

If your site is included in Yahoo News, then content from your news site will be added to Yahoo! News search results.

Submitting to Yahoo News is a simple procedure involving a News Source Submission Form, which asks for rudimentary information about your and your website.

Once you submit the form, Yahoo! News Editorial Team will get all the necessary information they need to review your submission suggestion.

Your website or blog will then be considered for addition to the Yahoo index. The decision is based on quality and editorial guidelines.

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List of Ping Services

WordPress is a popular blogging platform for many reasons such as it is free, is very easy for even a layperson, and has a big community of developers and designers.

Another small reason for its popularity is the fact that one can ping servers over the internet to intimate them that your blog has been updated. This results in new blog posts to be indexed by the search engines quickly.

This can mean more visibility as well as better search rankings.
Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. A comprehensive ping list means that the chances of receiving traffic increases. Here is a big list of pinging services.

Enovabiz Solutions is a SEO company India which provides website design, development and promotion services. “Websites that bring business”

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Bitten by Google Panda? One important lesson to learn

Bitten by Google Panda? One important lesson to learn

Bitten by Google Panda? One important lesson to learn

A cursory browsing of SEO & webmasters related forums will reveal that many of them have suffered a lot from the spate of Google Panda updates. Many sites which has good rankings earlier and used to get huge traffic from Google suddenly got penalized severely. As a result, a huge chunk of their revenue just disappeared. This applied to small as well as large websites. These sites may or may recover fully but what this has put in to sharp focus is that one should not rely totally on one source of traffic.

To ensure that your website doesn’t suffer from drastic and potentially fatal drop in traffic, a comprehensive link building efforts straddled across all internet has to be evolved.

Using social media as well as traditional link building methods will mean that you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Using a diverse source of traffic also means that your website has a better link profile which is highly recommended by search engines. Additionally, not all your users come from one source. One section of users may come from Google, while others may be from Bing, Facebook or blogs. As internet evolves, you will also have to tweak your link building efforts to include the latest link sources.

In next few years, social networking sites may pip search engines as major source of traffic. Including them in your SEO efforts will benefit dramatically for those times.

Enovabiz Solutions is a SEO company India which provides website design, development and promotion services. “Websites that bring business”

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What can Delhi Belly teach about Internet Marketing & SEO?

Delhi Belly is full of expletives, potty jokes and a whacky plot with few fine performances.

There is no ‘Delhi’ in Delhi Belly except for a fried chicken from a roadside vendor which inflicts one of the lead characters with the world famous Delhi Belly.

The producer Aamir Khan said, the film is an Adult comedy. If profanities make a film adult then I guess it is one.

But apart from abusive language, there is nothing much adult about it. And, certainly not much Delhi. The storyline though bit novel (by Bollywood’s standard) is not something that we have not seen in last few years.

So what is the reason behind the success of Delhi Belly? What can we learn and apply from to marketing especially internet marketing.

1) Pedigree: Delhi Belly’s is backed by Aamir Khan, who is probably the biggest star in Bollywood right now. Anything form his production house automatically garners eye balls and whips frenzied media hype.

From internet marketing’s perspective, what you can learn is that, if you have a name in your industry, cash on it. If you have been successful with your earlier products and ventures then while launching a product, remind your audience/niche about your previous success.

If you are newbie then you can contact internet marketing gurus and get them to back or endorse your product.

2) Publicity Blitz: Delhi Belly was releasing on the same date as ‘Buddha Hoga Tera Baap’. Aamir Khan is a master at managing media. In his last few films he has courted media like never before. For this film also, he ensured that the film got as much attention from media as possible. He certainly succeeded.

If you are also launching your site or product, then your only chance is all out promotion. Whatever industry you are in, chances are that it is already overcrowded with thousands of similar websites. If you are thinking about succeeding on the strength of your product or services then you can be in for a long haul. While promoting your website, explore & exploit every avenue. Blogs, article directories, web directories, press releases, book marking. Offer guest posts on other blogs related to your industry. Be proactive and regular about it. Article directories are a great way to get traffic and also search rankings. You can hire a SEO company to do your promotion or do it yourself if you have time and expertise. These tactics are low cost and highly effective. Get the word out about your website/product.

3) Controversial:Delhi Belly’ courted many controversies. From the lyrics of a song to jokes on a popular car brand to expletives – everything in this film was intended to raise eyebrows. And it served producer’s purpose also.

Similarly, if you want to get instant publicity for a not-so- stellar website/product/services then be controversial. Take potshots at rivals, call names to industry leaders, align yourself with a camp and be open about it. Anything to stir the pot and get attention. Be careful with this approach because it can backfire magnificently.

4) Exclusivity: ‘Delhi Belly’ asked for an adult rating certificate from the Indian censor board and got it. The producers publicized the fact that this movie had adult content and hence was unsuitable for viewing with family. This tactic made people more curious about it. Since people under 18 were not allowed to watch this movie, this raised inquisitiveness even more. This contributed to more people coming to theatres just to see what the heck is there in this film.

When people are prohibited/forbidden  from doing something, they are more tempted to do it. Make your launch only available to only certain people. Only invite certain people to test your product or even better openly proclaim that this product is only for certain kind of people. You can do it by releasing it to only certain niche or by your pricing strategy. Make people curious. Make them want to join your network. If you can do so then your chances of success improves tremendously.

Watch DK BOSE from Delhi Belly

Enovabiz Solutions provides website design, graphic design and promotion services. “Websites that bring business”

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What is Outbound Marketing?

Marketing encompasses a range of activities. Some of them are inbound marketing and others are outbound marketing. 
In today’s post we will discuss what is outbound marketing. 

Outbound marketing is all about getting the word out to your market. This is one of the most often resorted to  type pf marketing by businesses. It involves
1) Advertising & promotions (TV commericals, print advertisments)
2) Sales
3) PR
4) Customer service
5) Email marketing

These activities focus on initiating conversation with the audience. Rather than the customers finding you as in inbound marketing, Outbound marketing is all about sending its message out to your audience.

Outbound marketing though very popular has its share of its problems. Due these problems, a large number of businesses are veerring towards inbound marketing.

Some of the disadvantages of Outbound marketing are:

1) Difficulty in tracking return on investment (ROI).
2) Increasing resistance to outbound marketing activities. (Spam filters, Do not call registry)
3) Higher cost per sales lead.

Inbound marketing eliminates all major cons of Outbound marketing. We will discuss inbound marketing and its advantages in our next post.


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