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Content Curation: The New Buzzword

Content curation is the in thing nowadays. It’s getting all the attention and even mainstream media is adopting it. What is it about content curation that is making people take notice? After all, simply speaking it’s just gathering and presenting content around a specific subject. So what’s the big deal?

The answer lies to this lies in Internet’s biggest strength and weakness – Vast Content. Internet is a treasure trove of all kind of information – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Everyday millions of new webpages are generated. Any topic or news results in truckloads of new information and sifting through all this information to find the best piece of information is very daunting.

Here is where content curation comes in to picture. Content curators sift through the data pertaining to a topic or news, sort, arrange and then publish them. This then gets picked up by the audience and spreads even more through social media.

A content curator tries to pick the best and most relevant information and share it with people. It’s not just compiling a list of links for a subject. Content curation goes much beyond that. A curator not only provides a meaningful platform for the best matter for a particular topic but also chimes in with his opinion and commentary.

Moreover, curator is generally an authority in his niche. A good curator will present diverging sets of views in his pieces. He won’t be bound or affiliated to a certain   group or brand and hence ideally will become a source of fair and comprehensive information.

Over the last few years, content has become even more relevant to search engines. The combination of social media and content curation is helping content reach even wider audience.

But there are some rules. Automated curation while easy and tempting is not the right way to go. And since, it’s all about sharing, credits and linking back is absolutely essential.

So if you think your niche needs some curating then go ahead, this is the right time!

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