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Funnyman John Stewart cracks jokes on Instagram and rightly so!

John Stewart captured everyone’s surprise and shock at Instagram’s acqusition by Facebook. He was totally nonplussed at the news. Were we all not? He also makes fun of Google Glasses which I admit looks very futuristic but still so confusing for non techies out there. Check out the video


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WTF!!! Instagram Bought by Facebook for $ 1 Billion

Only in the crazy world of technology can a startup like Facebook acquire an infant startup like Instagram for an astounding figure of $1 billion. The even more curious point in this curious purchase is the fact that Instagram hasn’t made a single penny till now.

So has Facebook made an expensive mistake? What are its plans for Instagram?

Everyone knows that if there is any company has challenged mighty Google, it’s Facebook. With just one product it has managed to keep millions of its users loyal. Google tried with its all its might to make a dent on Facebook’s social media domination but so far Google + has been at best a mediocre success with now chances of overtaking Facebook anytime soon.

The tech world is agog with rumors that Facebook will be coming up with a much improved search engine which can have the potential to rival Google search engine usage. With such a search engine, Facebook will be able to provide an efficient ecosystem with this Facebook universe where its users can make a better use of Facebook’s vast social data.

With Instagram’s acquisition, Facebook will be adding another arrow in its quiver. In must be hoping that with this popular photo sharing app, Facebook users will be able to seamlessly share photos on their mobile. This will help it retain its loyal users.

But the moot point remains if this is a good purchase. One is sure that we will see results very in the fast moving world of social media.


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