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Why Organic Search Engine Optimization?


Organic Search Engine Optimization refers to methodology that deals with optimizing the website and it's pages with the intent of making them search engine, bots, spiders and human user friendly.

Though logically a very straightforward activity, it has gained mythical status due to increase in Google's popularity and secrecy shrouding the working of Google's algorithms for ranking websites for different keywords.

SERP or Search Engine Ranking Positions of websites on Google has become increasing important for all websites as survival of businesses with online presence has become dependent on how they fare in google.

The simple fact is "If website cannot be found on Google, the website doesn't exist"

Organic SEO scores over all other methods of web promotion like banners, PPC etc. in terms of ROI, Longetivity and brand building.

Moreover, making a site user friendly and easy to use is major component of Organic SEO. While natural SEO addresses this issue proactively, other web promotion techniques dont.

Natural Search Engine Optimization actively aims at making the webpage relevant and easy to navigate for all kinds of users - human or spiders. This makes Natural (Organic) SEO much more relevant to organizations serious about buidling their online presence.

Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization are plenty and there should be no excuse for ignoring this aspect of your website.

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